Life is a gift given to us by God.

Maybe we picked up a sprout from a seed, perhaps scattered from a star dust to the universe; the thing is, we are here. We have a big life compressed between two words, a little bit long, a little short, starting with birth and ending with death. We have a life in the universe that has a life shines like a spark in its glorious and full of advantures.

We have a gift that we will fit it into a hundred years of life; full 100 years, that we will touch life with our puleses and minuses. A century; during the life of our neurons, our brain cells,  neither short nor long.

How about people who separated from us early? 40, 50 or 60 years old, separated from us at the beginning or middle of life? Expanding civilization, advancing technology, unstoppable consumption and, of course, all of these diseases that the human being imposes on his/her life. Unfamiliarity that does not make our brains happy.

This web site will be a means of getting acquainted with ourselves, that is, against the strangeness of our life. We will meet ourselves. I will enlighten those following me on a basic science, biology expert’s and experience, metabolism and brain functions. I will describe the biological functions of each structure that makes up our body and write by questioning the functioning of this function. I will be able to confront the facts by questioning unreal scenarios from many magazine channels in television programs, non-fundamental information superstitions.

Take care of your life-giving gift, your brain, and listen to it well and take good care of it.